Invention Disclosure preparation
Determining what technology has been developed by your
organization is the cornerstone of patent protection and
patent licensing. The Patent Guild prepares Invention
Disclosures to allow decision makers to take stock of their
organization’s inventive efforts for strategic decision making
and for recording invention conception.

Patent Searches
The search scope and tools used in the patent search  can
vary from online database searches to searches  performed
at the USPTO (which may also include search guidance from
USPTO Patent Examiners).

Patent Application Preparation and Filing
The Patent Guild can provide complete patent filing services
or assist clients in filing  or responding to US Patent Office
notices and Office Actions.

Patentability Opinions
The Patent Guild can provide an assessment of your
invention relative to prior art or other informational
Patent Consultations
Recognizing that patent services needs vary from client to
client, The Patent Guild provides full support ranging from
consultations to patent filing.

Technology Transfer Assistance
The Patent Guild supports technology transfer programs by
creating and implementing programs to enhance your patent
portfolio and includes filing appropriate USPTO patent
assignment documents.

Product Development Assistance
The Patent Guild can assist inventors in a variety of technical
areas such as proto-type development, building, and testing
as well as technical research assistance.

Patent Awareness and Education
The Patent Guild can provide regular reports on patents and
patent related information focused on selected technical areas.

The Patent Guild can also provide educational workshops and
programs designed to empower employees and inventors to
function independently while implementing your strategic
patent goals.
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